PlayStation 4 Gaming Hub

Computer games these days are one of the biggest forms of entertainment available. Gaming has gone mainstream, and some of the biggest games are now higher grossing than blockbuster films.

Looking for gaming venue hire Birmingham? We have ten PlayStation 4s set up in our specially dedicated gaming room. Now you can turn your gaming sessions into a major event and bring all your friends together in one place! This gives you the opportunity to play as your favourite football team (no one wants to be the keeper!), to organise exciting team matches in shooters, or to play together in original e-sports games such as Rocket League.

Gaming Arcade Birmingham

Our venue is easy to get to as it's close to Birmingham New street coach and train station. To make things as convenient as possible and to make sure everyone can experience our games hub, we are open evenings and weekends for. At our centre, we have a restaurant and coffee shop, making this a great place to come to for an evening of gaming.

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Join our Multi-Player Craze
Play the latest games with each one of your friends controlling a different player on the same team
Play when suits you
We are open evenings and weekends to make sure that everyone can experience our games hub
Dedicated pods
Whether you're a group of two or twenty, we can accomodate for you
Variety of Games
We have the latest Fifa, Fornite, Rocket league and many more games to choose from

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