VR transports you into numerous different worlds and scenarios so you can live out your fantasies and play exciting games. Our virtual reality simulator is run on a powerful and dedicated PC to enhance your enjoyment and give you the best experience possible.

We provide a safe environment in a 15-foot by 15-foot room with padded flooring, which is the perfect location for experiencing the best there is in virtual reality. If you book with us, you and your friends can come along and enjoy our wide selection of VR simulator games to play, as well as our VR racing games.


£13.99£6.99per hour

Interactive games

Ground breaking technology

£19.99£9.99per hour

Interactive games

Ground breaking technology


Children from 7 upwards can use our facilities (however may be a height restriction). We advise all children from 14 and below to be advised by a parent/guardian. We have no maximum age!

We actually have no minimum or maximum. If you want to just pop in for a race by yourself you can do. We can facilitate a group of up to 10 people racing simultaneously. If you have a larger group, let us know.

We currently run the latest version of Project Cars, however we do have a selection of other games if you prefer something a little more technical. Call to enquire about available games.

Yes of course you can. Call us or submit an enquiry and we’ll get back to you straight away.

We always advise custoemrs to pre-book to ensure they have a slot. However, you can just give us a call beforehand and we can check availability and block out a slot for you.

DSC Race Center
80 Bordesley St, Birmingham, B5 5QH

Call us now 0121 643 2117